About Us

Who We Are

Our dream company "CAation Studios" was founded in 2008 by a small group of industry professionals. We all had a common goal which helped us to start its operation immediately & since then, there was no looking behind. Our vision was different from our competitors. Our focus was to address the need for industry requirement by uniting professionals within industry in a production environment. Our judgment to choose Hyderabad as our Head office, paved the way, as being in CApital, we got response from various quarters which helped us to establish production house at same premises. We are CA Studio, A Globally United Team of Artists, Technologists, Producers, And Entrepreneurs, DediCAted To Delivering Innovative And Pioneering 3D, Visual Effects, Gaming, Web and Graphic Services to Major Entertainment and Media Companies.

Our Story

We are a collective of creative team at Hyderabad, who are committed to create High end Web, Graphic, Corporate Presentations, Corporate Ads, Photography, 3D Animation, visual effects for Films, Interior Designs, Television and commercials. A team of passionate and experienced artists, supervisors, 24X7 Management team working on projects of the utmost quality. Our mission is to continue to push the creative and techniCAl limits of each and every project that we undertake. We take pride in our ability to deliver any kind of jobs in a given schedule with top notch quality. Your schedule and peace of mind are important to us, which is one reason why we are loCAted in the biggest city of India.


At our dream company, we are dediCAted to turn our client’s dream into reality. Come with a script or idea, you CAn leave with complete product. It is our mission to provide unparalleled service and dediCAtion to each of our clients, no matter how big or small. We provide accurate, up-to-date information, and sound advice that help clients reach their business goals.


To achieve QUALITY over quantity in time At CA Studios, you'll never hear us question whether it is possible... We'll simply collectively ask... What do you want to create? And thus creation is done by us.


We value our clients and take pride in being a trusted advisor. We exercise ethics and practice honesty across everything they do.

Our objective is to listen and be a reliable solutions provider. We strive to produce quality products on a timely basis.

Our objective is to listen and understand our client's objectives, and communiCAte the results of our activities on a regular basis.

Our Skills

Graphic Design — 92%
Web Design — 95%
Web Development— 80%
WordPress — 85%
jQuery — 70%
SEO — 80%


CA operates on a quality-focused approach when delivering our services. We have years of experience providing quality business solutions. We specialize in creating business identities. Let us help you increase your business revenues today!


CA work with the upmost quality and integrity. We understand that we work for you, and we are here to help you implement your vision. We are dediCAted professionals that will help you market your business with proven business methods.

Our Clients

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