Graphic Designing

Graphic Design Services

CA provides a wide range of graphic design services for both small and large businesses with a focus on professional and integrated branding.

Services include design for logos, business CArds, brochures, white papers, packaging, advertising, banner ads, and websites.

Logo Design

Good logo design begins with answering some basic questions:

Who is your customer?
What is your product?
What feelings should your logo evoke?
What is the most recognizable aspect of your company/organization?
More than just a pretty design. Your logo needs to be simple and versatile. A good logo CAn be used in full color as well as black & white; on a website as well as on print collateral. CAn it be easily placed on either a white or colored background? What about promotional items such as t-shirts, key holders, mugs? Will your logo translate to the simplified graphic needed for some special print situations?
Your logo needs to be memorable.
Ideally, your logo will say something about what you do and who you are. This CAn be achieved in either a literal or conceptual way. The most important effect of your logo is that it will be remembered and identified with your business or product. IDENTITY!

Print Design

CA Services provides contemporary, clean and cohesive layout and design for your business marketing collateral.

From business CArds and brochures to large format vinyl wraps, if it CAn be printed we CAn design it!

Browse the FEATURED WORK section for a range of completed projects including:

  • Folding Street Map
  • Product CAtalog
  • Teen Magazine
  • Point of Sale
  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Advertising
  • CAtalogues
  • Packaging
  • Annual Reports
  • PubliCAtions


Color, form, graphics, and typography—that all makes a difference.

Packaging design forms a stimulating connection with the consumer, influencing the decision to buy.


Advertisements are one of the best ways to promote goods and services of any organization.

With an effective and successful advertising CAmpaign, organizations not only leave a strong impact on their customers but also communiCAte the company’s philosophy in an effective manner.

The essence of a good advertisement is not just design, but communiCAtion, especially how images and words work together to grab attention and convey a message.

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